A. Prasanna Kumar

Centre for Policy Studies

Former Regional Director
NMF - Visakhapatnam Chapter

Former President
Visakha Music Academy

Former Rector & Retd. Professor
Andhra University

Dossier of Dr. A. Prasanna Kumar

Sports Commentator, All India Radio & Doordarshan

Some of the commentatries given:



England Vs. India XI, Visakhapatnam(Doordarshan), February 1993
Tendulkar XI Vs. Chiranjeevi XI Festival Match(Private Channel) Sept.2003


New Zealand Vs. India 1st One Day International December 1988.
West Indies Vs. Board President's XI, Visakhapatnam, 1987
Deodhar Trophy Semi-finals & finals, Vijayawada-1985
England Vs.South Zone, Hyderabad, 1985
West Indies Vs. India under 22, Trivandrum,1983
West Indies Vs. South Zone, Hyderabad, 1983
West Indies Vs. South Zone, Hyderabad, 1978
Sri Lanka Vs. AP Chief Minister's XI, Visakhapatnam, 1978
Irani Trophy Finals, Karnataka Vs. Rest of India, Bangalore-1978
England Vs. Ranji Champions, Bombay, Indore, 1977
Duleep Trophy Semi-finals & Finals, Hyderabad, 1975
West Indies Vs. South Zone, Hyderabad, 1974
England Vs. South Zone, Hyderabad, 1972
Over 25 Ranji matches.


ATP Challenger Tournament April 1997 ,April 1998 & April 1999, Chennai
India vs Netherlands, Jaiput February, 1996
India vs Hongkong, Calcutta, 1995
India vs Australia, Chandigarh, 1994
India vs Switzerland, Calcutta, 1993
India vs Great Britain, New Delhi, 1992
India vs South Korea, New Delhi, 1991
India vs South Korea, Bharuch,1989
India vs USSR, New Delhi, 1988
India vs Argentina, New Delhi, 1987
India vs Czechoslovakia, Calcutta, 1986
India vs Italy, Calcutta, 1985
India vs South Korea, Coimbatore, 1978
India vs S.Vietnam, Vijayawada,1965


Indira Gandhi Grand Prix, New Delhi, 1985
ASIAD 1982, New Delhi
Second Indian Masters, Hyderabad, 1982
First Indian Masters, Pune 1981

was sports coloumnist for Indian Express (Vijayawada) from 1964 to 1985 & Deccan Chronicle (Visakhapatnam) from 1985 to 1992


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"India is neither 'shining' nor 'collapsing' as a democracy. There is however, cause for concern for a variety of reasons."

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"In the maritime re-awakening of our eastern seaboard Visakhapatnam is at the heart of the process."

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"During his six year Presidentship from 2004 to 2011 Visakha Music Academy added one more dimension to its practice of honouring....."

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"As a sportsman Prasanna Kumar played cricket and tennis right from his childhood. "

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"Sri Sitaramachandraswami religious and charitable trust founded in april 1995. "

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