A. Prasanna Kumar

Centre for Policy Studies

Former Regional Director
NMF - Visakhapatnam Chapter

Former President
Visakha Music Academy

Former Rector & Retd. Professor
Andhra University

Sports - Books & Atricles

Ramanathan Krishnan

"The Living legend of Indian Tennis"

Tennis Players of Andhra

"I am happy that I have been asked to write this Foreword. During my career I have enjoyed every moment of my association with tennis players from Andhra on and off the court. I still keep in touch with many of them. I am sure this exercise by my friend Sri Prasanna Kumar will be read with interest by all tennis lovers."

..Ramanathan Krishnan

Game of Memories

"Cricket is a game of memories, says a recent publication("Through the Covers" Ed.Christopher Lee) How true it is!"

When Swami blessed Sachin

“Life is a game, play it, a simple yet complicated game, a complicated yet simple game,”

Associated Organizations

"India is neither 'shining' nor 'collapsing' as a democracy. There is however, cause for concern for a variety of reasons."

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"In the maritime re-awakening of our eastern seaboard Visakhapatnam is at the heart of the process."

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"During his six year Presidentship from 2004 to 2011 Visakha Music Academy added one more dimension to its practice of honouring....."

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"As a sportsman Prasanna Kumar played cricket and tennis right from his childhood. "

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"Sri Sitaramachandraswami religious and charitable trust founded in april 1995. "

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